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Fish in web design — temporary filling of the page layout to simulate its finished look. The designer does not always have materials at hand that are planned to be published on the website and therefore you need to use something else to show how the design will work in natural conditions. At the same time, fish content does not have to have meaning — visual perception is important here. Fish content can be not only text, but also images (for example, illustrations for an article, user avatars, video frames for a video player, banners, etc.). Designer fish can come up with their own, and can copy from another similar site. In the case of text you can use the bredogenerator or classic fish paste text “Lorem ipsum”.

in Order to create a modern user-friendly website today, it is not necessary to have the skills of a professional layout designer. No more need to spend months learning php algorithms and understand the intricacies of css markup. Simply choose the premium template you like and create your own ready-made website based on it. On the market there are many CMS (site management systems), but one of the most practical and versatile solutions is WordPress. It is great for small business card sites, Landing page and modern online stores, as well as more corporate business portals. With great versatility and practicality, it also offers the user a huge number of ready-made solutions, with which you can get a ready-made site in just a couple of hours. We’re talking about patterns.


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